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Saturday 20 January 2018
Letters to the Editor

A new school— not QRC

A new school— not QRC

THE EDITOR: A letter in the Sunday Newsday of November 5 suggested that Queen’s Royal College be renamed after a calypsonian.

Why should there be more attempts to wipe out the history of TT? It would be better to name the next government school to be opened after a calypsonian than to attempt to change the name of a well known and well respected school for no good reason.

Is the next step to rename Bishop Anstey High School because Dr Anstey was an Englishman? What about Fatima College, named after a trio of Portugese children who had nothing to do with TT?

By all means honour those in TT who deserve it but do not do that at the expense of the history of the country.

ANN WHITTAKER via e-mail


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