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Thursday 18 January 2018

WASA suspends 2 over bikini car wash fiasco

Public Utilities Minister LeHunte and officials of WASA, join the Arima Mayor Lisa Morris Julian, to areas within her district severely impacted by no water supply on Friday. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB.

Two WASA employees who organised the delivery of truck borne water to a bar in Calvary, Arima for a bikini car wash two Sundays ago have been suspended and are being investigated.

WASA Chief Executive Officer Dr Ellis Borris said the men were served suspension notices last weekend and an investigator is to be appointed to conduct the investigation within the next two weeks. He said when the investigation is completed the matter will be referred to a disciplinary tribunal to decide their fate.

“In order to charge them you have to have the investigation officially done according to the union regulations. That is the procedure,” Borris said. The water delivery to the bikini car wash caused outrage among councillors at the last Statutory meeting of the Arima Borough Corporation.

Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian said it was disgusting, unsatisfactory and unacceptable that water could be delivered to a bar to hold a bikini car wash when the residents of Calvary Hill and environs were suffering from a lack of water and were calling their councillors with angry complaints.

She said it was doubly outrageous because the council learnt that the person running the bar was also in control of the delivery of WASA’S truck borne water. She said she would write to Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte about the matter.


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