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Monday 19 February 2018

CAL appoints Medera as new CEO

Garvin Medera, newly appointed CEO of CAL.

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has announced the appointment of Garvin Medera as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective October 10. A release from CAL stated that Medera was the Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Play, a position he held from December 2015 until his departure earlier this month.

With a strong combination of leadership, governance, technical and communication skills, CAL said, Medera effectively led that organization, which has revolutionized home entertainment in Trinidad and Tobago. Prior to the role of CEO, Digicel Play, he served in several key leadership positions at Digicel including Chief Operating Officer, General Manager Tobago and Chief Technical Officer, managing the company’s full operational portfolio.

Medera has an MBA from the University of Oxford, LLB from the University of London and an M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of the West Indies. He is looking forward to leading the transformation that Caribbean Airlines must embrace if the company is to meet the challenges of the fiercely competitive airline industry.

The Board of Directors also expresses its sincere gratitude to the former Chief Executive Officer (Ag) Captain Jagmohan Singh and the Executive Management Team who ensured that Caribbean Airlines continued to deliver an enhanced travel experience to customers, while the search for a Chief Executive Officer was taking place.

“The Board and employees look forward to the innovation and collective capabilities that would be developed under the leadership of the new CEO,” the release said.


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