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Monday 23 October 2017

Burn victim dies overseas

A Petit Valley man who was employed with PCS Nitrogen and who suffered severe burns after a gas tank exploded at his home on September 24, died on Sunday at a hospital in Colombia.

Charlie Leacock, 36, of Jovan Drive, was at home on September 24 when at 4 am while in the company of his wife Alicia, he went to the kitchen and attempted to light the stove. Leacock was last seen adjusting the gas tank when a loud explosion was heard and his clothes was ignited by flames from one of the stove burners.

Leacock was taken to the Westshore Private Hospital. His home was visited by officers of the Four Roads Fire Station. At Westshore, Leacock was treated by a team of doctors under the supervision of Dr Khan.

Leacock was then flown to Colombia by his employers for specialised medical treatment but Leacock died on Sunday. His body is expected to be returned to this country soon for final rites.


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