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Saturday 21 October 2017

US$50,000 found in barrel


DAYS after high-powered firearms were found inside barrels at a bond in El Socorro, Customs officials yesterday found US$50,000 (TT$ 337,955) in a barrel which just arrived at the port in Port of Spain. While police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the discovery of cash, officers are working on a theory that the money was smuggled in to conduct narco transactions.

According to reports, Customs officers were yesterday conducting routine checks at the port, when they noticed a particular barrel had an unusually large amount of alcohol in it. When the customs officers checked further they made the discovery. Police were immediately alerted and Port of Spain Division officers responded.

The money was handed over to the police who placed the cash in a steel vault. While police are still trying to find out who may have brought the cash into the country, investigators believe the barrel may have originated from either Miami or New York. Last week, firearms including the AR-15 Assault Rifle and ammunition were found in barrels at a bond warehouse in El Socorro. Investigations are ongoing.


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