It was conscience vote by Ragbir

Dr Rai Ragbir - Angelo Marcelle
Dr Rai Ragbir - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: I am pleased with the stance taken by Dr Rai Ragbir in supporting the Whistleblower Protection Bill 2024. I take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for his thoughtfulness. It should be taken as a conscience vote, in my view, as happens in so many practising democracies the world over from time to time.

As a practising democracy, TT follows the British Westminster first-past-the-post system. But the people of our country fail to realise that as a republic we should put country first and not party politics.

Ragbir has stepped out of his crease and made his stance known and there is nothing wrong in doing so. How many other politicians are prepared to do as Ragbir has done in making a conscience vote instead of adhering to party politics?

As an elected member of Parliament he remains loyal to the UNC and should be commended for his stance instead of being stigmatised or condemned for his vote in line with the Government.

There are many benefits for the country with the Whistleblower Bill. By allowing the law to "speak out," that can help uncover instances of corruption and those responsible held to account.

What is of paramount importance now for the UNC is to prepare for the forthcoming general election, constitutionally due next year. What I like about our country is that the democratic process is free and fair. The Star Team was victorious in the UNC internal elections. We have to accept the result even if we didn't voted for that team.

To move forward as a strong opposition and as an alternative government in waiting, the party will need to have an accommodation with smaller parties if it wants to win the next general election. History has shown that elections in TT are a two-party race.

What has me disturbed, however, is the washing of the UNC's dirty linen in public, since it will do more harm than good, and the PNM will use it in its political campaign against the UNC.


Coryal Village


"It was conscience vote by Ragbir"

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