Issues of Arima also important

Planning Minister Pennelope Beckles-Robinson - AYANNA KINSALE
Planning Minister Pennelope Beckles-Robinson - AYANNA KINSALE

THE EDITOR: I write in response to Planning Minister Pennelope Beckles-Robinson's recent contribution in the Senate, where she outlined several steps the Government is taking to combat climate change.

Her remarks were in reply to a motion by Independent Senator Anthony Vieira, who stressed the need to update environmental laws and reconsider the benefits of large brand hotels to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in light of the global climate crisis.

While the focus on climate change is commendable and necessary, it is equally important not to overlook the pressing issues affecting the constituency of Arima. For nine years Beckles-Robinson has served as the Member of Parliament for Arima, a community still plagued by poverty, injustice, inequality and rampant crime.

Many in Arima believe that Beckles-Robinson's efforts have not sufficiently addressed these critical local concerns. It appears that someone has thrown her a bone to resuscitate her political career. However, if she cannot effectively advocate for and deliver meaningful improvements for the people of Arima, it would be honourable for her to resign as their representative.

The people of Arima deserve a leader who prioritises their needs and works tirelessly to improve their living conditions. Balancing national environmental initiatives with dedicated local action is not just desirable, but essential.




"Issues of Arima also important"

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