If you looking for sweetness... Stephen Alexander is selling it

Supplemental police officer Stephen
Supplemental police officer Stephen "Steve" Alexander runs his own business, Steve's Air Freshener, selling during his off-hours. -

On any given day, at service stations in Penal, Moruga or Siparia, people often encounter the familiar face of a friendly young man hoping to gain their support for his side business of selling air fresheners.

"This might seem insignificant to many people. But air fresheners are a big business. People like to have their vehicles smell nice. They like their homes to smell nice. That is why I chose this as my main product to sell," Stephen "Steve" Alexander said.

"My air fresheners are not harsh on surfaces. It is eco-friendly. It can even be used on your clothes if you find it smells frowsy."

At 28, Alexander, of Santa Maria Village in Moruga, is a shining example of entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside his role as a supplemental police officer, he runs his own business, Steve's Air Freshener, selling during his off-hours.

He prefers to work hard for what he wants.

He promises customers the product's long-lasting scents can remove any unwanted odours.

Alexander recalled that a few years ago, he began learning about the business from a co-worker in the security industry who sold essential oils. He was eager to find out where to get the products and bottles.

From what he learned, many customers complained that the oil had stained their dashboards and car seats.

"After we parted ways, I came up with a way on my own to diffuse it and make it cleaner and non-sticky. I did some mixing, with the same nice fragrances. I also added a few other products, and now I mix many fragrances. But I work mainly with three – cherry, lavender, and floral – which is a mixture."

He recently chatted with Newsday at the NP service station opposite the St Mary's Police Post in Moruga.

Alexander added that a 35-ml bottle costs $10, a 50-ml bottle costs $20 and a 250-ml bottle costs $40.

Because he was working 24-hour shifts "for a while" and could not market his product, he recently resumed his business as the work hours changed.

Alexander added, "I used to wholesale at one time. But I had to stop, and I recently restarted. I am trying to establish my business so people can ask for it by name. My dream is to live humbly and do the best I can in life."

He aspires to lead a modest life while achieving his full potential.

"One day, I plan to register this as an official business. I want to be registered and established."


"If you looking for sweetness… Stephen Alexander is selling it"

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