A gift for your doctor

- Photo courtesy Pixabay
- Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: Prison officers and policemen whose proud pursuit is to protect and serve the nation are ostensibly falling prey to barbaric and ruthless criminal elements. It should be noted, however, that it is merely a sprinkling of imps in diverse and mixed communities who take comfort in having the country destabilised and constantly enduring enormous turmoil and turbulence.

Murders and other blood crimes continue to spiral and as a consequence places unnecessary burdens on doctors and medical staff at our various health facilities. Extracting metal from the bodies of patients who came under gunfire seems tedious and highly technical, and in some instances doctors may choose to let alone one or two bullets in their patients' bodies should they reckon that such extraction may cause more harm to patients than leaving them where they are lodged.

It comes across as being of little or no concern to doctors whether their patients are Christian or non-Christian, poverty-stricken or affluent. Their professional characteristics kick in, in short order, the best decision is taken and the best healthcare is administered irrespective of patients' social status, age or ethnicity.

In any society one should lend a good degree of concern for everyone’s calling. Sanitary workers, firefighters, policemen, attorneys, magistrates and judges of the supreme court all play a vital role in a country's day-to-day function. Their collective input is invaluable.

Placing medical doctors on a higher pedestal than their professional counterparts is the firm and unequivocal posture of this writer.

What sets them in that unique and unparalleled position is their training in performing life-saying surgeries, a service for which God himself has set the tone by carrying out the first medical procedure. As stated in the Holy Writ, “God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep, then as he slept he removed one of Adam's ribs and placed it into Eve's body” (Genesis 2:21-22).

Appeal is here made to the distinguished Medical Board of TT to reassess it position in the matter concerning the young aspiring medical student whose hopes and aspirations of becoming a medical doctor where dashed due to inappropriate remarks she may have made.

As doctors you would appreciate that there are gender issues which alter women's actions and behaviour. You would appreciate that most of the instances when women commit grievous offences it can be traced back to being committed during early pregnancy or prior to their menstrual cycle. You must appreciate the fact that women’s behaviour is not constant as there are periods in their life when they undergo inexplicable mood swings.

On these bases, the overwhelming majority of citizens plead for her reinstatement so that her hopes and aspirations of becoming a doctor can be fulfilled.

Praises and honest appreciation are extended in abundance to our medical fraternity for the excellent healthcare they provide, and to a greater extent to our doctors. It has been said that doctors hold the faith of the world in their hands. For being balanced and sometimes compassionate in their healthcare delivery, a reciprocal gift from patients to doctor is a well merited and laudable gesture.


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"A gift for your doctor"

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