SSCL under-17 team off to Texas for summer cricket tournament

SSCL president Nigel Maraj. - File Photo by Ayanna Kinsale
SSCL president Nigel Maraj. - File Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

A Secondary Schools’ Cricket League (SSCL) under-17 team will embark on its tenth international tour – second to the United States – from July 8-17 where they will participate in the 2024 Summer International Tournament hosted by the Texas Cricket Club and Colorado Youth International Premier League.

In a release on July 8, president of the SSCL Nigel Maraj said the tour is an opportunity for the young cricketers to showcase their talents on an international stage.

“We at the SSCL see these tours as an important building block in the lives of our students.

“Other than cricketing experience, our youngsters will also learn to cope and perform outside of their comfort zone, experiencing new cultures, building character and more.”

Maraj said the team has a mix of former and current TT under-15 players as well as the top under-17 players in the SSCL over the last two seasons.

“The TT SSCL squad is a balanced, highly-skilled and motivated outfit, with each of the eight SSCL zones represented on the roster.”

Maraj also thanked the many sponsors that made the tour a reality, namely PowerGen who has been the title sponsors of the SSCL for the last 26 years, Rapid Oilfield Services Ltd, the Ministries of Education, Sports and Community Development, the Sports and Culture Board of Management in the Office of the Prime Minister and the parents.

The team will play at the newly-built Dallas Sports Centre in McKinney, Texas and Maraj urged the players to set up personal and team goals.

“Each one of you has worked tirelessly to reach this point and now is the time to demonstrate your skill, sportsmanship and teamwork.

“I am confident that each one of you will rise to the occasion and make us proud.”

The team left for Texas on July 8.

Hurricane Beryl is currently on course for Texas.

Newsday asked Maraj via WhatsApp how the storm will affect the team and the plans in place to ensure the team’s safety, but he was about to take off and said he would reply – after press time.

16-man squad and staff:

Fareed Abnn, Zakilon Beckles, Brandon-Mark Browne, Jordan Bryce, Evan Issac, Maleek Lewis, Matthias Mahabir, Dimitri Miranda, Aarion Mohammed, Zakariyya Mohammed, Aaden Owen, Daron Oxley, Amrit Pitttiman, Narod Ramkissoon, Tyler Ramroop and Aadi Ramsaran.

Wesley Dookhoo (Manager), Sharaz Mohammed (Manager), Rydell Ramsaran (Coach) and Vijay Boodoo (Coach).


"SSCL under-17 team off to Texas for summer cricket tournament"

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