KVR Energy: UPS vital for disaster preparedness

The region’s risk factor for downtime due to changing circumstances has increased, as such the use and maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has become vital to disaster preparedness.

With over 15 years of experience in the private and public sector, KVR Energy Ltd is a pioneer and authorised dealer in providing world-class solutions from GUTOR, a leading international manufacturer of UPS systems for industrial applications.

With the increasing risk of power outages in the Caribbean, the use of a UPS can save industrial companies millions of dollars from the loss of production time, equipment damage, safety of workers and more.

KVR Energy and GUTOR has been ensuring the operational efficiency of companies within Point Lisas Industrial Estate and many others around the region, with the focus of enhancing service and efficiency to more industries.

GUTOR is the leading international manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply systems for industrial applications.

Leveraging more than 75 years of experience, we ensure peace of mind to our customers by delivering quality end-to-end secure power solutions custom-tailored to meet each customer-specific need.

KVR secures our customers’ business continuity and enhance their operations through reliable, optimised and digitised solutions, with a best-in-class services organisation.

Our operations here in the Caribbean with GUTOR over the years has allowed us to remain committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering the same high-quality solutions that have made GUTOR a leading brand in the critical power solutions industry.

KVR has supplied, installed and serviced UPS Systems for a variety of applications, here are some sectors that GUTOR solutions can work with:

  • Oil and gas
  • Power and grid
  • Process industry
  • Transportation
  • Nuclear
  • Water and wastewater
  • Mining, metals and minerals
  • Chemical
  • Other industrial applications

The GUTOR process does not begin and end with the sale. We provide a holistic secure power solution based on your specific application.

Even with many years of experiences, we continue to learn, adapt, and improve every aspect of our processes. We pride ourselves in having dedicated project execution teams to cater to our customers – from project management, design and build, testing, commissioning, maintenance training, to spare parts management; all this is to ensure that the lifetime of the UPS system is optimised to its fullest potential.

Key benefits of GUTOR solutions

  • True industrial design: Proven and reliable UPS Technology designed for harsh environments and offers over 20 years design lifespan.
  • Fully customisable: KVR GUTOR experts have deep technical know-how at all levels and strive to design each system to meet your unique needs.
  • Professional services: We do not only focus on quality products but also ensure that you can count on professional and comprehensive after-sales support.
  • Connected and digitised: Integrated architecture to ensure you stay connected with your UPS systems.
  • International standard: We ensure our systems meet the strictest safety and quality requirements to ensure they deliver superior secure power solutions.

About KVR Energy Ltd

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships with our customers and to maximise the potential of business with a combination of competitive prices, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly, enhancing the quality of service we deliver to the industry that guarantees customer satisfaction. At the same time, we will pursue profitable growth by linking our customers with new products and services aimed at improving their engineering and maintenance asset management programs.

To learn more, get in contact with us for a consultation by emailing gutor@kvrel.com or call us at 868-610-5587 / 868-363-3547 / 868-293-3547 / 868-290-7810. Visit our website at www.kvrgutor.com and follow us on social media @kvrindustrial.


"KVR Energy: UPS vital for disaster preparedness"

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