Maracas lifeguards save man drowning in Tyrico

Tyrico Bay. - File photo
Tyrico Bay. - File photo

LIFEGUARDS had to use their personal vehicles to save the life of a San Fernando man who was almost drowned in the waters of Tyrico Bay on July 7.

Lifeguards told Newsday that at about 12.35 pm on July 7, Curtis Tubal, a 54-year-old man of Monica Drive Block 4, Palmiste, San Fernando, went into the water and began experiencing difficulty.

Three lifeguards – Faye Joseph, Christian Thomas and Jason Rhondon – all stationed at Maracas Bay, responded to calls for help.

Lifeguards have no towers at Tyrico Bay and no vehicles for transport to and from the bay, so Joseph used her personal vehicle to get closer to where Tubal was drowning.

The lifeguards took him out of the water and began resuscitation. They also alerted emergency health services (EHS). By the time the EHS got to the scene, Tubal was breathing steadily. He was still taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital for observation and treatment.


"Maracas lifeguards save man drowning in Tyrico"

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