Despite Hurricane Beryl, maxi taxis available

A passenger enters a maxi taxi. - File photo.
A passenger enters a maxi taxi. - File photo.

MAXI taxis in Trinidad were out on July 1 despite the bad weather caused by Hurricane Beryl.

Route One Maxi Taxi Association president Eon Hewitt confirmed this with Newsday after communicating with other association presidents.

He said maxis in Tobago would not be in service because they usually facilitate schools, which were closed because of the hurricane.

Route Two Maxi Taxi Association public relations officer Jason Mc Millan said while service was slow during the morning, several maxis were ready and waiting to provide service throughout the day.

“Our guys are out there,” Mc Millan said.

“Not everyone would be outside, so you wouldn’t get the same number of maxis and taxis that traverse the bus route on a Monday, but I can assure the public that transport will be available. As the weather clears more maxis will come out.”

Mc Millan said there were no reports of flooding that would affect the maxi routes.


"Despite Hurricane Beryl, maxi taxis available"

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