No charges yet in baby Xaevi'el's death

Xaevi'el Glasgow -
Xaevi'el Glasgow -

ALTHOUGH an autopsy determined two-year-old Xaevi’el Glasgow died as a result of head injuries, police are still unsure if it was the result of a beating or if he fell.

Xaevi’el was pronounced dead on June 14, shortly after his father Juval Glasgow picked him and his four-year-old brother up from the babysitter.

A senior police source confirmed that the autopsy report said Xaevi’el died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

The officer said this is not enough to charge anyone with Xaevi’el’s murder.

“The pathologist was unable to say if the injuries were consistent with a fall or something else, so we can’t make a definitive determination.

“So investigations are still proceeding, but right now we cannot say with any certainty whether the death was a result of a malicious act or if it was an accidental death.”

Speaking with the media at the Forensic Science Centre in St James on June 17, Juval Glasgow said he realised something was wrong from the moment he picked up Xaevi’el, as his body was stiff and he could not feel his heartbeat.

Newsday understands the babysitter was interviewed after Xaevi’el’s death and police say she has been helpful throughout the investigation.

The officer said baby’s Xaevi’el’s death is a difficult time for the family and the police must be cautious.

Contacted on June 26, Juval Glasgow said he was not able to speak with the media or give any interviews at this time.

Last week, he told Newsday his family is broken and shaken up and Xaevi’el’s mother was having a hard time dealing with it.

“Mummy is breaking down and it will hurt her. It has also sent me into another world since that night and it’s about trying to hold up now.”

Glasgow said his other son, who was taken to hospital the same night to treat an injury to his left eye, was also in shock after the incident.


"No charges yet in baby Xaevi’el’s death"

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