Shenseea coming for The StageShow

Shenseea performing at Xodus Carnival in Jamaica. - Photo courtesy Overtime Media
Shenseea performing at Xodus Carnival in Jamaica. - Photo courtesy Overtime Media

FRESH from launching her new album Never Gets Late Here, promoting new Reggae Girlz kits, Captain Morgan Rum and a smashing performance in the Seychellles, Jamaican dancehall princess Shenseea has once again captured the essence of Caribbean culture in her latest music video, featuring US rapper and singing sensation Coi Leray.

In a display of musical fusion and cultural celebration, Shenseea's decision to include part of her Xodus Carnival experience has ignited screens worldwide with the vibrancy of Jamaica’s carnival celebrations, said a media release from Overtime Media.

Xodus Carnival took its place at the centre of Jamaica’s Carnival celebrations on April 7, attracting over 5,000 masqueraders from around the globe. Amidst the pulsating rhythms and infectious beats, Shenseea seized the spotlight, in the Regency costume, epitomising the spirit of carnival with her undeniable charisma and unparalleled stage presence.

Through meticulous choreography and visuals, Shenseea, alongside Coi Leray, brings the essence of Xodus Carnival to life in their new Flava music video. Viewers are transported to Kingston's cultural epicentre.

Shenseea’s manager Romeich Major told Overtime Media Xodus’s inclusion in the video is a result of the artiste wanting to showcase the vibe of the Caribbean.

"By collaborating with her favourite band, Xodus, she infuses the essence of Caribbean vibes into every frame, thus creating an electrifying fusion of music and culture.

“Shenseea teaming up with Coi Leray adds an exciting dimension to the project, promising an unforgettable visual and sonic experience for her fans worldwide. This collaboration is a testament to Shenseea's commitment to celebrating her roots, while pushing the boundaries of creativity in the music industry.”

Xodus Carnival's inclusion in Shenseea's music video underscores the global influence of Caribbean culture and its impact on the music industry. Xodus has taken brand Jamaica worldwide by attracting masqueraders from across the globe, the release said.

"As a cornerstone of Caribbean culture, Xodus Carnival is honoured to be featured in Shenseea's latest music video," said Kamal Bankay, executive chairman of Xodus Carnival.

"Our mission has always been to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of our heritage, and this feature is a testament to the enduring legacy of Xodus Carnival.”

A screenshot from Flava video. - Photo courtesy Overtime Media

The Xodus Carnival Company aims to leave its mark on carnival celebrations across the Caribbean as well as international regions, and has partnered with Renegade Mas in the Cayman Islands for CayMas 2024. This partnership has seen Xodus creating six costumes for the Renegade Mas Fete to the Beat virtual band launch. Similarly, Xodus has since launched its sections in both Canada’s Caribana with Carnival Nationz and Barbados Crop Over Festival with the Krave Carnival Band.

Xodus Carnival looks forward to bringing the Jamaican flair to the respective carnival celebrations, as well as the positive impact Shenseea’s music video will have on Carnival in Jamaica for years to come, the release said.

Shenseea is booked to perform at the S&D Week StageShow concert Trinidad on June 22 at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

The StageShow, also featuring Popcaan, Voice and surprise special guests, will bring an entertaining conclusion to the first-ever Soca and Dancehall Music Week curated by SCORCH Radio, in collaboration with Air Committee, Illusions Mas and Voice, the release said.

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"Shenseea coming for The StageShow"

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