IWF honours for Jacqueline Quamina

International Women's Forum Women Who Make A Difference 2024 honouree Jacqueline Quamina. -
International Women's Forum Women Who Make A Difference 2024 honouree Jacqueline Quamina. -

ATTORNEY Jacqueline Quamina, who has been a member of the International Women’s Forum of Trinidad and Tobago since its inception, was recently honoured by the parent organisation International Women’s Forum.

She was one of eight impressive women who were presented with the 2024 IWF Women Who Make a Difference Award at the Global World Leadership Conference in New York in May.

She was celebrated for demonstrating “innovative, tenacious and transformational leadership over the arc of her career both locally and globally.”

IWF was founded 50 years ago in New York with a mission of “uniting a global community of women leaders to advance women’s leadership today and tomorrow.”

Quamina, a consultant in corporate law, governance and banking, said she was blown away to receive the award.

"There is no greater recognition than to be acknowledged by your peers. I have always sought excellence in my professional life and career and the cliché is true: if you enjoy what you are doing, it never feels like work.

"At the same time, I recognised that my success was in part because of the many people, men and women, who listened, encouraged me and gave me a chance. I have always believed that the support I received is a debt owed to the next generation. I must be available to mentor, guide and help anyone that asks. At work, this was simply by having an open-door policy: anyone can come in and chat or ask for advice.”

The IWF connects over 8,000 pre-eminent women leaders in 76 forums in 33 countries around the world.

IWFTT said, "The IWFTT Forum was established in 2014 with its core purpose being: To unite, inspire, and celebrate accomplished women: To advance exemplary leadership, while learning from and supporting each other; and empowering the next generation of women leaders."

Quamina said being invited to join IWF gave her an opportunity to meet and network with a global network of accomplished successful women.

"In our local forum, IWFTT, I knew many of the other members by sight, but this gave me the opportunity to forge and deepen relationships and friendships with women in industries outside of finance and the law," she said.

A graduate of UWI (LLB, executive MBA) and University College, London (MA), she has four decades of experience in the operation of boards, the structuring of groups, mergers and acquisitions.

She was the first woman to be appointed chairman of the National Insurance Board (NIB) and is a former executive director of Republic Bank Ltd and group general counsel and corporate secretary. In 2016, she was made a fellow of the Institute of Banking and Finance of TT for distinguished and meritorious service to the banking and finance industry.

On the benefits of IWF membership, Quamina said, “The conferences are amazing and an essential part of enjoying IWF membership. They are always topical; you learn about new ideas and developments.

"These conferences I consider 'my time' doing something for me, learning something new, meeting new acquaintances, and bonding with my own IWFTT sisters.”

As vice president of IWFTT in 2022, she was instrumental in establishing the Inspirational Women Awards programme which is integral to delivering on the IWFTT’s core purpose.

This year the IWFTT Inspirational Women’s Awards Gala will be held on September 17 at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad in Port of Spain.

At the event four women will be honoured and celebrated in the categories of inspirational champion of women, inspirational advocate, inspirational emerging leader and inspirational legacy.

Visit: https://iwftt.org to learn more.


"IWF honours for Jacqueline Quamina"

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