No help from Government for this peasant

- Photo courtesy Pixabay
- Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: I never truly understood how corrupt government ministries were until this year when I had grievances that I needed addressed by them. Not shockingly, I have been ignored because, well, who am I other than a peasant.

I always knew our great country works on connections and money and since I have neither I have no rights and it was therefore absurd of me to think I could write an e-mail and have it be taken seriously, or at least given some thought, when I couldn't even get an acknowledgement from these offices.

I am like the mosquito that keeps saying all these things and is just being swatted away, or the spam that you don't have to read because our government institutions hold more weight than the Illuminati and they are accountable to no one, and the one person that they may have to influence could care less.

They all are aware that they are the untouchables and regardless of what is brought to their attention it is inconsequential, unless it serves them or is relevant to their bottom line. And these issues will never reach their doorstep because they will disappear like magic.

The Office of the Ombudsman is like a farce, there to make you believe you still have some hope in getting recourse, but in reality it has its own prerogatives and directives that have nothing to do with the citizens of this country, or ensuring the accountability and transparency of any government institution.

So, we will continue to live in a country where clerks can harass and humiliate innocent people and still have all of their perks and government pension intact. The police can harass single mothers on Mother's Day without grounds and there are no consequences for them, especially if the person making the claim is a nobody. They have the authority to harass, extort, humiliate and threaten at will, because who is going to stop them.

Random people are allowed to occupy lands that was once owned by Caroni 1975, change waterways at will to build roads to the land that they do not have permits for, and they can even block access to anyone that may wish to get to the back of their home, because he is too difficult to deal with and is not disrupting the powers that be. So who cares who he threatens and the tyranny he causes?

As long as these matters do not affect the families, friends of the public servant or the rich, who cares.

All you government institutions need not worry about these pesky e-mails any more. This peasant knows her place by now and will no longer look for any assistance from the Government of TT.


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"No help from Government for this peasant"

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