Ganja and our children

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by Jeff K. Mayers
File photo by Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: I read recently in one of our dailies a story entitled “Too many kids are being treated for ganja misuse.” Someone attached to the FIA (Families in Action) stated that children as young as ten years old seek help from the organisation, with about 20-25 students doing so regularly.

What is happening is not a good thing for our small country, with children now part of the drug culture. We now have evidence about what is taking place on our doorsteps.

In 2019 a bill was passed to decriminalise marijuana, with people allowed to grow up to four plants at home and have a certain amount in their possession. Was the objective of this achieved?

The blocks are still carrying on business as usual, and trade continues as normal with no change whatsoever. What has changed is that some children are now exposed to marijuana plants being grown right in their backyard.

As a concerned citizen, what I am seeing is the opening up of a new world to our children. Those who did not even know what a marijuana plant looked like may now be seeing it 24/7 right in front of them.

It is possible that some of them may find it easy to try. I wonder if those children who have been visiting the FIA got first their experience of that "dangerous" drug from their backyard.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, we have a growing problem on our hands. Substance abuse is no easy fix. The writing is on the wall and we can either pretend it is not exist or take the information seriously and act on it.

People, let us together make TT a better place for all.


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"Ganja and our children"

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