Ode to Joslynne Carr-Sealey

Joslynne Carr-Sealey -
Joslynne Carr-Sealey -

THE EDITOR: To celebrate the life and legacy of my mother, Joslynne Carr-Sealey (March 31, 1935-July 14, 2023), and in loving memory of her, I have written an ode about her life.

A mother, a daughter

A child of life.

A teacher, an adjudicator

And for a time, a wife.

A sister, a cousin

And a friend who was dear.

Keeping in touch

With frequency and cheer.

A musician, a producer

A team player, too.

A mentor who brought out

The very best in you.

A fountain of knowledge,

She shared it all.

Through books, talks and song,

To gatherings large and small.

A modest life

Anchored in philanthropy,

She volunteered often

Giving back to her country.

Died in July.

On a day filled with rain.

The likes of her

We will not see again.

Yet she will live on

Through her rich legacy.

Just say her name:

Joslynne Carr-Sealey.

Rest in eternal peace, Mummy. I love and thank you.




"Ode to Joslynne Carr-Sealey"

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