Medical staff shows care, attention

Arima General Hospital - File photo by Roger Jacob
Arima General Hospital - File photo by Roger Jacob

THE EDITOR: With the abundance of medical information available from the country's medical institutions, social media, YouTube, television, etc, no one must be unable to receive the needed medical assistance.

On May 28 I had an appointment at the Radiology Department of the Arima Health Facility. The weather was extremely hot, so I welcomed the air-condition and the neat atmosphere as I entered at 10.39 am for the 11 am appointment.

After registering I was directed to the radiology section where a nurse injected my left hand to obtain blood, then I slipped into the MRI machine with the guidance of the medical attendant.

With earmuffs to cushion the rumbling – it felt like being in a space capsule – I was advised to inhale and exhale on two intervals. Though I was under observation, the doctors, nurses and medical staff contributed in making my one-day stay comfortable and worth the visit.

Relatively, being that health is our wealth, our government must continue to pump billions of dollars into the Ministry of Health. There must never be questions of lack of beds nor complaints about lack of pharmaceutical drugs.

People of TT, please do not procrastinate in seeking medical service. We all want to get better when sickness steps in.




"Medical staff shows care, attention"

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