2 sentenced for 2009 Charlieville kidnaps, murders

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TWO men who pleaded guilty to kidnapping and murdering two Guyanese men in 2009 have been sentenced for their crimes.

Justice Devan Rampersad sentenced Adesh Maharaj and Govind Dhanassar for the kidnapping and murder of Naraand Sukhu, who was also known as Naraand Sookhoo and Vicky; and Tomeshwar Dooby, also known as Vinod, on March 17, 2009.

The men held plea-deal discussions with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and were allowed to plead guilty to felony murder.

After the one-third discount was applied for their guilty pleas and the time spent on remand was deducted, along with discounts for mitigating factors, Maharaj was left with seven years left to serve and Dhanassar with six years and four months.

They will be put on two years' probation after they are released from prison.

The men were accused of kidnapping the two, taking them to Maharaj’s home in Charlieville, and threatening them over money. Both men were shot and Dhanassar helped dispose of the bodies in a river.

Maharaj was represented by attorneys Wayne Sturge and Danielle Rampersad. Dhanassar was represented by Israel Khan, SC and Arissa Maharaj.

Verona Neal-Munroe represented the State.


"2 sentenced for 2009 Charlieville kidnaps, murders"

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