What after June 15 for UNC?

UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar - Angelo Marcelle
UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: Over the past few weeks the country has had to endure the usual mudslinging that accompanies UNC internal elections.

On the one hand, the Star Team, which has been put together by UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, has been attacking the personalities of their opponents.

The United Patriots, led by Mayaro MP Rushton Paray, has, on the other hand, seemingly stayed above the fray and addressed policy issues and the unenviable track record of the UNC under Persad-Bissessar’s leadership.

As the campaign heats up in the closing days, we can expect to see even more of the same. The question that should bother all UNC supporters, however, is what happens on June 15?

Should the Stars win, the status quo remains and presumably so does the losing track record. The dissident MPs will then have to expect the usual treatment of those who oppose (think Vasant Bharath and every Panday) come screening time for the next general election.

If the Patriots win then the UNC still faces the challenge of a political leader who is at odds with her national executive because the position of political leader is not up for election.

So, either way, the party’s ultimate leader remains and with it comes the same headache or a new one.

Internal fighting and bickering has unfortunately been the hallmark of the UNC, arguably as much as corruption allegations. History and fact support this regardless of whether it is in power alone or in a coalition like the NAR or the PP.

With the recent positive IMF report on the economy, the recent new licence granted to expand the exploration of cross-border gas with Venezuela, the support of the agriculture sector to the tune of over $20 million and the continued improvement of the non-oil manufacturing sector (all verifiable by those who will take the time to do a simple Google search), collectively pointing to a short-term future that we can look forward to, is it any surprise that the Prime Minister could say confidently that he wants the Opposition Leader to stay right where she is at the head of the UNC?

Maybe he is on to something and we should all do a little more reading and research instead of getting caught up with the bacchanal we love so much.


Diego Martin


"What after June 15 for UNC?"

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