Review offers little benefit

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: The government’s Mid-Year Budget Review offers little benefit to the common man.

Under the PNM government and the leadership of Prime Minister Rowley, crime, poverty, injustice and inequality persist unabated. The addition of $2.3 billion to an already deficit-laden annual budget, without clear justification, underscores a pattern of mismanagement.

As the economist noted, “These revenue losses exacerbate fiscal deficits, increase debt, and compound inequality. To compensate, the government might raise taxes, unfairly burdening compliant taxpayers and creating unfair competition in the private sector.”

This situation allows tax-evading businesses to undercut compliant competitors, creating an uneven playing field.

As we approach the end of the ninth year under this administration, it is evident that the government has failed to achieve any notable economic milestones, relying instead on imposing new and higher taxes as the primary means of revenue generation.




"Review offers little benefit"

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