Maharaj: Legal action soon for Cummings

Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, SC -
Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, SC -

ATTORNEY Ramesh Maharaj, SC, has promised legal action by the end of this week or before, on behalf of his client Foster Cummings, Minister of Youth Development and National Service.

“We have the draft,” he told Newsday on June 10.

Maharaj promised to notify the media when the legal claim is made, which he expected to be between June 12 and June 14.

Cummings is suing the State over the leak of a Special Branch report alleging dubious dealings, which was publicised at a 2022 UNC rally by Senator Jayanti Lutchmedial-Ramdial.

Maharaj has asked how secret documents could end up with an opposition senator. Details could be refuted by Cummings, he said, and were unsupported by former CoP Gary Griffith. The Office of Attorney General has argued that the State was not liable unless Cummings could identify who had leaked the document.

Cummings has a defamation lawsuit against Lutchmedial-Ramdial. For her part, Lutchmedial-Ramdial asked how Cummings’ name could be cleared if part of an ongoing probe.


"Maharaj: Legal action soon for Cummings"

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