Liam conquers road to Maracas

Liam Ince poses with his bike after conquering the Maracs Road. -
Liam Ince poses with his bike after conquering the Maracs Road. -

IF you’ve ever been to Maracas, you'll know it’s not easy to ride a bicycle there.

For 11-year-old Liam Ince, riding his bike over the hill was a dream come true.

While most boys dream of becoming a famous footballer like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, or travelling to Disney World, Liam’s goal was to ride somewhere amazing.

When he was nine he set his sight on the 8.2-mile journey, with over 1,400 feet of climbing.

His mum said: “Liam was just nine when he saw a picture of his coach, Scott 'The Original Fit Kid Himself' Dopson, cycling to the famous I Love Maracas sign. And when he learnt that no kids could make that kind of ride due to how incredibly difficult it really was, boom! a challenge was born.”

Although Liam wanted to ride to the sign just like his coach, the realistic goal was the Maracas Lookout. About two weeks after he rode Lady Chancellor with his coach by his side, he made his first attempt on that Maracas Road.

Liam Ince and his coach Scott Dopson. -

He made it just before what is known as Corbeau Hill, then stopped, willing to continue, but the growing traffic posed a hazardous challenge.

“We knew our strategy had to change if we wanted to make this dream a reality,” Dopson said.

Liam, now 11 years old, with his training ahead of schedule and a bigger bike (thanks to Santa), was ready to make his second attempt to fulfil his dream.

Dopson said safety is his number one priority.

“Every possible safety measure was taken to ensure Liam was super-safe.”

On April 6, Liam and Dopson wore bright orange T-shirts and had bike lights fitted to increase visibility.

The journey started at the Moka junction in Haleland Park, Maraval, around 5.10 am.

With Dopson riding on the outside of him and parents driving in a truck closely behind, hazard lights blinking and blocking any vehicle that might impede their safety, Liam slowly began the gruelling series of climbs.

He took a few water breaks were taken in between or if any cars came behind. Liam looked strong and rode comfortably and patiently, even enjoying the view of the beautiful scenery below him.

They made it to the lookout around 6.35 am.

Liam, looking like he had only done a lap round the Queen's Park Savannah, laughing and still full of energy, never lost sight of his real goal.

Knowing his descending ability and determination, his coach led him steadily down the remaining few miles to the beach, where Liam very proudly parked his bike by the I Love Maracas sign with the brightest smile on his face.

Liam Ince and his coach Scott Dopson at the famous I Love Maracas sign. -

With his coach, parents and younger brother, Ethan, he savoured his victory over the Maracas Road.

Several cycling coaches and enthusiasts congratulated Liam as they revealed that this is no easy feat for adults, far less a kid of this age.

Unofficially, no one under the age of 16 is known to have done it.

“I am super proud of this amazing boy to not only have a dream but to have the courage to chase it,” Dopson said in a Facebook post.


"Liam conquers road to Maracas"

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