Chris Must List free to go back to Canada for now

Canadian YouTuber Christopher
Canadian YouTuber Christopher "Chris Must List" Hughes. - Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

CANADIAN YouTuber Christopher "Chris Must List" Hughes now has permission to leave Trinidad and Tobago if he wishes and return for his next court appearance, which is scheduled for June 13.

But Hughes has chosen to remain in Trinidad and Tobago until that date.

He has also chosen to resume his filming while he is still here.

Hughes appeared before Master Margaret Sookraj-Goswami in court on June 6, when the court ruled that his passport should be returned to him.

The court agreed with a submission from his attorneys to have his matter heard expeditiously. Attorneys representing the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) also agreed with this submission.

The matter will be heard summarily in the Port of Spain Magistrates Court on June 13.

The requirement for Hughes to report to a police station on a daily basis while he is in TT was also removed by the court.

Hughes is now free to return home to Canada if he wants, but must return in time for his next court appearance.

Hughes was represented by attorneys Anand Ramlogan, SC, Pamela Elder, SC, Russell Warner and Williams.

After the hearing, Hughes posted two videos online.

In the first he said, "I got good news. Court was a success. Restrictions removed. Passport is given back to me. I'm able to leave the country. Again all good news. Court again next Thursday (June 13). All good from here"

In the second video, Hughes repeated what he said in the first video, but added, " I do want to get home to my family. I can't wait.

"But I'm not leaving yet. I'm going to remain here in Trinidad until my next hearing, which is next Thursday. So I will be here filming on the streets of the beautiful capital. I'm not leaving yet."

In a subsequent Whatsapp response to Newsday, Hughes repeated that his passport was returned, he could travel and does not have to report daily to a police station anymore.

He also repeated he will return to court on June 13.

"With it being that there is only flights tomorrow (June 7), I am going to remain in the country until my next hearing which is Thursday (June 13) morning."

Hughes, who gave his occupation as a web developer, was arrested at a residence in Flagstaff, Long Circular, St James earlier last week.

He was charged with sedition under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act.

The charge was that on May 9, Hughes published a seditious publication (an audio-visual video) on the social media platform YouTube.

Hughes who specialises in video interviews with criminal gangs, arrived in Trinidad earlier in May, interviewed alleged gang members and shared his experiences on Facebook and YouTube, garnering thousands of views.

Most of his videos on Trinidad have since been set to "private" on his YouTube account. Edited versions are still accessible on Instagram.

In the videos, men with high-powered weapons were heard complaining about their treatment at the hands of the government.

Hughes was released from custody on June 3 after being granted $100,000 bail.


"Chris Must List free to go back to Canada for now"

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