Ravi B woos fans in Jamaica

Ravi B and his band Karma delight the audience at Chedwin Park, Saint Catherine in Jamaica on May 12. -
Ravi B and his band Karma delight the audience at Chedwin Park, Saint Catherine in Jamaica on May 12. -

SINGER Ravi Bissambhar, known as Ravi B, and his band Karma delighted an audience earlier this month in Jamaica, where he performed for the first time.

Ravi B said he was in awe of the reaction from approximately 2,000 concert-goers at Chedwin Park, Saint Catherine, on Mother's Day, May 12.

He was invited to Jamaica by the National Council of Indian Culture in Jamaica and jumped at the opportunity.

“NCIC Jamaica reached out to my management and immediately I was excited, because I always wanted to perform in Jamaica.

"Recently, I have heard from one of my colleagues that Rum is Meh Lover was huge on the ground in Jamaica, and I have a feeling that spiked the interest in Ravi B, so immediately I said, 'Yes, let’s go, let’s get it done.'

"It was Mother’s Day weekend, and it was difficult with the number of events and concerts that we had. From New York, we immediately had to fly to Jamaica, and it was a bit difficult, but I wanted to do it because Jamaica was not a market that I had tapped into yet.”

His performance included all his signature tracks, which the crowd sang along to. He also included some well-known Jamaican tracks to connect with his new audience.

“The audience was highly energetic and engaged, dancing and singing along. The crowd responded enthusiastically to my efforts to engage them, whether through call-and-response segments, inviting them to dance, or acknowledging local customs and phrases.”

He said he received positive feedback from fans who expressed their enjoyment and admiration for his music and performance style.

“Fans lined up to take photos. While I was on stage, security had to block stage access because people wanted to come on stage.

“I was pleasantly surprised by how familiar the Jamaican crowd was with my music.

“Jamaican music, with its strong roots in reggae, dancehall, is quite different from chutney soca.

"However, it was amazing to see how well they connected with my songs. It showed the power of music to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. The enthusiasm and recognition from the crowd were truly heartwarming and highlighted the shared Caribbean spirit. This experience reinforced my belief that music is a universal language that can bring people together, no matter where they are from.”

He said he found the cultural exchange enriching and looks forward to continuing to build on those connections. He sees great potential for more collaborations and fusion between chutney soca and Jamaican genres, as well as other Caribbean genres and artistes.

"The camaraderie and shared Caribbean spirit in Jamaica made this performance particularly memorable.

"Overall, performing in Jamaica was a highlight of my career, and I'm eager to return and create even more unforgettable memories with my fans there.

"It’s always a privilege to share my music with new audiences and witness how it resonates with them. I feel a sense of pride in representing chutney soca and Trinidadian culture on an international stage.”

He hopes the performance will expand his fan base and solidify his presence on the Caribbean music scene.

His schedule includes a performance in Berbice, Guyana at a Mega Concert for Guyana’s Independence, and his own concert, Ravi Beyond, on June 15 at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, where he will be joined by international superstar Raghav and British Punjabi pop star Junaid Malik.

After that, he performs in New York, Barbados, London, and Holland throughout the rest of the year.


"Ravi B woos fans in Jamaica"

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