More than lamentations needed

- Photo courtesy Pixabay
- Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: The reality of the seriousness of crime is gradually reaching home to all of is including our leaders.

I read a story of our prime minister acknowledging that crime continues to affect everyone. Look at Tobago which recorded its tenth murder for the year, with more than six months still to go in the year.

While lamenting is all part of life, at this point in our country, we need much more than lamentations. The grief, sorrow, wailing and groaning have been going on for years.

What is needed Mr PM, is solutions to the crime havoc. With senseless murders racking up, robberies and home invasions the norm, where is the accountability? Where is the protection of law and order we are supposedly guaranteed under the Constituition? Even our children are under attack.

There are no safe zones unless you can afford private security for yourself and your loved ones. It is clear that strategies employed over the years are just not working. The statistics do not lie.

While I am very grateful for the weapons being removed from our streets, the fact is that they are just being rapidly replaced. We do not have a gun-making factory in TT, so where are these weapons coming from? I again reiterate that the Government and Opposition need to collaborate and stop playing politics with our safety.

All hands should be on deck when it comes to eradicating crime in TT. There is no place and time for selfish attitudes. The restoration of peace, trust, and public safety is crucial not only for all of us, but for future generations.


San Juan


"More than lamentations needed"

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