Danger zone in Chaguanas

Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit. - File photo
Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit. - File photo

THE EDITOR: I would like to raise with the authorities the danger zone that is the Mulchan Seuchan Road in Chaguanas.

Now I know they don't care and will say this road (MS link) falls under the Chaguanas Borough Corporation (CBC). This is a dead-end, the corporation has not fixed a road in ten years, and the people of Orchard Boulevard can attest to that.

With the UNC headquarters located on the MS link and Chaguanas being one of its strongholds, one would have thought there would be an uplifting of this access road. Nothing doing; in fact there is bush reclaiming the road.

Just after the Republic Bank Operations Centre there is a dumping ground for rubble and all kinds of rubbish. This is also a drug den and outdoor latrine where people hide stolen things.

Even worse are the deep, sharp, jagged potholes that litter the road, just after the bank and the intersection to Endeavour. There is also a massive hole that causes drivers to swerve violently to the other side. And businesses in the area will not donate a few hundred thousand dollars to the corporation to fix the road that brings customers and employees safely to their doors.

Higher up there are more potholes and you hear the wheel slamming into the wheel well whenever a vehicle "takes the plunge." It is like no one from the Opposition can demand that its mayor sends some material to fix the road.

Given the overgrown bush, there are always bushfires. Maybe they want the UNC headquarters to burn down so they can win the internals.

So, I am appealing to corporate businesses in the area to please assist with this road before someone is killed or someone runs into their business place. Forget the CBC, the UNC and the PNM.


St James


"Danger zone in Chaguanas"

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