Towards quality players

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: Upon his return from India, Prime Minister Rowley advised of a proposed second cricket academy, akin to the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba, to be constructed in north Trinidad, with tremendous input from India, via the Ambani family. Great news indeed!

Dr Rowley noted the need to have more players of the game from the grassroots level up. The academy is expected to develop future players and will benefit from accrued knowledge and competencies of India, arguably having the best such academies available.

Some time ago we had the irony of Cricket West Indies (CWI)'s technical director Jimmy Adams opening the Elite Performance Centre in Antigua, while lamenting the closure of Kiddy Cricket. We seem bent on overnight success, as against long-term development.

A query about the need for a second academy suggests the writer may be suffering from myopia as there is certainly need for as many such facilities as possible.

The recent Caricom symposium on cricket should be expanded to the entire region as many more of us than those invited would like to offer suggestions. The CWI can take the lead in promoting this. The availability of a space to express our opinions will make this possible.

As we host the world soon in the T20 World Cup, let it be a motivation in the context of our search for quality players for the future.

The SPORTT advertised programme seeking clubs' involvement in the youth and schools "I Choose Sports" programme, as currently being projected, falls well within that aspiration.

The Veterans Football Foundation of TT (VFFOTT) is a source of available competencies in that sport and is willing to work with community/school teams. Sports and community development interact in a most positive way to develop our citizens. Let us embrace.


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"Towards quality players"

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