MusicTT’s venue webinar draws local, international interest

Marlon De Bique, chief executive officer,Naparima Bowl, San Fernando,  -
Marlon De Bique, chief executive officer,Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, -

MusicTT hosted a live webinar on May 2 titled T&T Premier Venues, aimed at promoting the performance halls to a diverse audience, both locally or internationally, with the intention of showcasing the venues facilities, its technical capabilities, and highlighting its role in fostering artistic expression.

The webinar, led by MusicTT's general manager Melissa Jimenez, brought together professionals and stakeholders from the performing arts and entertainment sectors and provided a platform for fruitful discussions and insights into the potential for global partnerships, a media release said.

The five participating performing arts venues and their representatives were: Marlon De Bique, CEO, Naparima Bowl;

Paige De Leon, general manager, National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA);

Sean McMillan, general manager, Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA);

Colleen Cameron, bookings and marketing co-ordinator, Queen's Hall,

Kern Cowan, executive co-ordinator, Shaw Park Complex

Throughout the webinar, presenters engaged in thought-provoking conversations surrounding the significance of performance spaces as cultural landmarks and economic drivers. The discussion also delved into the diverse programming initiatives, community engagement efforts, commissioning of works, environmental responsibility, and technological advancements driving these venues forward.

Attendees gained valuable insights into the unique offerings and capabilities of each venue, from the historic charm of Naparima Bowl, San Fernanado, and Queen’s Hall, St Ann's, to the state-of-the-art facilities at Shaw Park, NAPA, Port of Spain, and SAPA, San Fernanado. Attendees also had the opportunity to pose questions, share insights, and network via chats with fellow participants, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and partnerships, the release said.

Jimenez said in the release, "On behalf of MusicTT I would like to thank the operators of these venues for trusting us to showcase their exceptional venues through this webinar." "We are thrilled by the overwhelming response to the webinar, which underscores the collective commitment to advancing the growth and sustainability of performance halls worldwide.

"The event's success serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and co-operation in driving positive change within the creative industries. These spaces not only serve as vital hubs for artistic expression and cultural exchange but also play a crucial role in positioning our nation as a premier destination for live entertainment experiences."

By highlighting the available venues , MusicTT said it aims to attract increased interest and investment in Trinidad and Tobago's cultural infrastructure while nurturing the growth and sustainability of its vibrant arts scene.

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"MusicTT’s venue webinar draws local, international interest"

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