CWI president eager for West Indies regional conference

CWI president Dr Kishore Shallow. - File photo
CWI president Dr Kishore Shallow. - File photo

PRESIDENT of Cricket West Indies (CWI) Dr Kishore Shallow is eagerly anticipating the regional conference on West Indies Cricket, slated for April 25 and April 26 at the Hyatt Regency in Trinidad.

The name of the conference is Reinvigorating West Indies Cricket – A Symposium for Strategic Collaboration and Innovation. Dr Shallow acknowledges the significant strides taken by CWI as it navigates a new four-year cycle and strategic plan.

In a CWI media release on April 23, Shallow said, "While we have made considerable progress within CWI, setting the stage for a brighter future for West Indies cricket, it's essential to recognise that there is no quick fix addressing the complex challenges facing our sport. It requires sustained effort and participation from all stakeholders involved."

Shallow emphasises the need for shared responsibility in driving positive change within the cricketing community. "While CWI shoulders a significant portion of the responsibility, we understand that meaningful progress cannot be achieved in isolation," he said. "It is crucial for all stakeholders, including Caricom Governments, territorial boards, and other relevant entities, to actively engage and contribute to the advancement of West Indies cricket."

The conference provides a platform for collaborative efforts aimed at addressing critical areas such as infrastructure development, investment in grassroots, youth, and women's cricket and other aspects of sports development. Shallow expresses optimism about the potential outcomes of the conference, saying, "Together, we can forge sustainable solutions that will propel West Indies cricket to new heights of success and prominence on the global stage.

"We remain committed to building upon the progress we've made and charting a course towards a vibrant and prosperous future for West Indies cricket. Through collective action and shared responsibility, we are confident in our ability to overcome challenges and realise our vision for the sport."

The CWI delegation at the conference will be led by Shallow along with CWI vice-president and TT Cricket Board president Azim Bassarath, CWI directors and West Indies head coaches Andre Coley and Daren Sammy among others.


"CWI president eager for West Indies regional conference"

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