Tobago Emergency Operations Centre downgrades oil-spill response

The Petit Trou beach, Lambeau.
The Petit Trou beach, Lambeau.

The Tobago Emergency Operations Centre (TEOC) has downgraded its activation from orange to yellow in response to the February 7 oil spill by the Gulfstream barge.

The downgrade of Operation Gulfstream went into effect on April 16 and is a positive sign after 15 kilometres of Tobago's coast was polluted following the overturning of the vessel near Cove.

A media release on April 20 by the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) said this downgrade signifies a significant decrease in activity related to the operation. However, TEMA said it is imperative that all personnel on the ground remain on high alert and maintain a state of readiness to respond to any emerging developments.

TEMA said work continues in the following areas:

1) Power washing and cleaning of the rocks behind the Scarborough Secondary School, along the Lambeau Bridge at Cemetery Street Lambeau, Milford Road Lambeau and Villas at Magdalena.

2) The de-inventory process continues at the shoreside of Cove with work being done by T&T Salvage and QT Environmental under the guidance of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and assistance with local contractors and stakeholders at the wreck and at the temporary storage facility at Cove.

3) ️Hydrocarbons from the cargo tanks onboard the vessel will be pumped to the temporary storage site in Cove. From there, tanker trucks will transport the hydrocarbons to the Port of Scarborough for transfer to a bunkering vessel. Once filled, the vessel will sail to Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad, where the hydrocarbons will be offloaded and stored in a tank.

The TEOC continues to manage overall planning, co-ordination, and communication tools, through Unified Command, supported by the necessary emergency support functions.


"Tobago Emergency Operations Centre downgrades oil-spill response"

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