Museum, gift shop for Pan Trinbago's new headquarters

Pan Trinbago president Beverly Ramsey-Moore. -  File photo by Angelo Marcelle
Pan Trinbago president Beverly Ramsey-Moore. - File photo by Angelo Marcelle

PAN TRINBAGO president Beverly Ramsey-Moore says the new location for steelpan's governing body in Port of Spain is a “prime area for business activity”.

“We are very excited, because it’s not only about swapping land, but the construction of a multi-million-dollar facility that is going to house several cultural bodies and additional groups,” Ramsey-Moore told Newsday in a cellphone interview on April 19.

Cabinet has approved Pan Trinbago's use of the old Lands and Surveys building on Wrightson Road, near the waterfront as its headquarters.

“We know that this new headquarters can become a multi-million dollar revenue generator,” Ramsey-Moore said.

Ramsey-Moore was responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement on April 18 that an Indian firm, Reliance Industries, and Government had entered a deal to build a cricket academy at the former abandoned and unfinished Pan Trinbago headquarters in Trincity.

Pan Trinbago is currently renting space on Dundonald Street, Port of Spain, near the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Ramsey-Moore said the talks on exchanging for this new location began in October 2023.

“We found the area to be great. I told the members, look at your neighbours and you will know how valuable you are, with Hyatt, Radisson Hotel and the port all nearby.”

The president didn’t make this decision on her own, as she explained, “An emergency meeting was held, members' (of Pan Trinbago) permission was sought and then they proceeded with negotiations with the government.

“We will be able to generate much more revenue at this location. We will have our museum, roof-top entertainment, our gift shop, spaces for rent and several other businesses.”

After doing a site tour with the team from the government and the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (Udecott), Ramsey-Moore and her team noticed some issues.

She said, “We recognised some flaws with respect to the building and we are working closely with Udecott to ensure that we have a brand-new facility. We have seen the first draft and they are also looking at the various recommendations that we made.”

When Newsday asked Ramsey-Moore about their proposed plan to get into agriculture at the Trincity location, she responded, “We will continue our negotiations for additional land space elsewhere.

“At this point, we are very pleased that the government has listened to the plea of the steelpan community.”

Newsday also asked how soon construction would start on the new building and if Pan Trinbago is fearful that this project will become an eyesore, similar to the Trincity project.

Ramsey-Moore said, “We are working closely with Udecott and the first draft of the design. We’ve looked at it and some changes are going to be made and they are expected to give the final draft before the end of the month. Then the government will make an announcement as to when the project will begin.

“We have to trust the government. I have served in a governmental capacity in Tobago. When I negotiated this, I did it from that understanding. I trust the government.”


"Museum, gift shop for Pan Trinbago’s new headquarters"

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