Education Ministry working with police on Barrackpore threat

Dr Amery Browne -
Dr Amery Browne -

LEADER of Government Business Dr Amery Browne says the Education Ministry is collaborating with the police to address an online threat to the Barrackpore East Secondary School on April 15.

He made this comments as he answered a question on behalf of Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly in the Senate on April 16.

"In every instance of threats being levelled against any school, which has happened too often in our society, the Ministry of Education seeks immediate guidance and involvement of the TT Police Service (TTPS)."

Browne said the ministry co-operates fully with the police, provides all pertinent information and "operationalises any and all security plans and advice received."

On the Barrackpore incident, he added that the police are investigating it. No similar investigation is being done by the ministry.

"The Ministry of Education is not authorised to speak on behalf of any investigative details."

Browne said the ministry continues to work closely with the police to ensure the security and safety of all students and staff at all schools.

Opposition Senator Wade Mark asked if the school would be closed as a result of these threats.

Browne said, "Threats were received by e-mail which were taken seriously. A series of actions were undertaken, and the Ministry of Education is not authorised to deliver any details on the substance of those ongoing investigations."


"Education Ministry working with police on Barrackpore threat"

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