3 Freeport families homeless after fire

A fire officer fights remnants of a blaze. - File photo
A fire officer fights remnants of a blaze. - File photo

Three families in Freeport became homeless over the weekend when a fire destroyed their homes and six cars.

A pet dog, Rex, who was in a kennel on one of the premises, died in the fire.

At least six people were affected.

The police said at around 10.30 am on April 14, a bush fire quickly spread at Maraj Avenue off Mission Road.

The first house to be destroyed was owned by the Rampersad family.

Reports are that the fire spread fast, but the occupants managed to evacuate the house. One occupant tried to release the dog, but the flames and smoke were too much for him.

Two nearby wooden and concrete structures were also destroyed, leaving four other people, including a pensioner, homeless.

There were no reports of injuries.

Calls and messages for comments from the councillor for Freeport/Chickland, Anil Baliram, went unanswered up to 5.30 pm on April 15.

The cost of the damage was still to be assessed.

Freeport police are investigating.


"3 Freeport families homeless after fire"

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