Chinese grocers beaten, robbed by bandits

Police car - File photo
Police car - File photo

A SAN JUAN man was beaten by four men who escaped with over $20,000, a case of Puncheon rum, and eight bottles of Hennessy during a robbery on April 13.

A police report said at about 8.05 am, one of the victims was awakened by the screams of another victim and saw three men beating the 19-year-old in the storage room of the grocery on the Eastern Main Road, asking for the boss and the money.

The owner of the grocery pleaded with the men to stop. A gun was pointed at his back and the suspects demanded he open the liquor room and safe.

He did so and the suspects took $20,000 cash; US$1,500; a case of 12 bottles of Puncheon rum; eight bottles of Hennessy and an unknown amount of cash from the register. The four suspects then escaped on foot along Bridge Road. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment.

PC O’Connor is continuing inquiries.

In another incident, a Petit Valley courier was robbed in Patna Village, Diego Martin, on April 12, just before 5 pm.

A police report said the 29-year-old courier was delivering a package of two pairs of sneakers, valued at $2,750 when he was told by the alleged customer to an address in Patna Village.

The report said the “customer” tried to snatch the package from the vehicle and both men began struggling when another man approached with a gun. The courier drove off leaving the men who managed to escape with the package.

PC Ramnarine is investigating.


"Chinese grocers beaten, robbed by bandits"

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