Time to get grip on crime

Crime scene investigators at a crime scene. - File photo by Roger Jacob
Crime scene investigators at a crime scene. - File photo by Roger Jacob

THE EDITOR: I am sure many of us crossing over into 2024 from 2023 had high hopes of seeing changes for the better. I certainly did in relation to crime. However, the way I see it, we have had a rollover from 2023.

While the police are trying their best and we are seeing quite a number of guns and drugs being removed from the streets, crime is far from being under control. As I write, the murder figure is 155 for the year. We are well on course to 500 plus murders in 2024. The criminal element continues to show no respect for the laws of the land.

You cannot miss the growing home invasions with brutality, the numerous robberies, car thefts and physical assaults. Crime is spreading like wildfire all around us. And annually the Ministry of National Security gets billions ($6.912 billion for 2023-2024), but there is no let-up.

What the authorities are good at is offering condolences, sympathy and the promise to deal with the problem. Thanks for the kind words, but TT needs to see serious change. We need to feel safe and secure once more. How good it would be to walk the streets without having to look over our shoulders. That to me is not asking for much.

I continue to await community policing day and night – after all, the TTPS recently got new police vehicles – not just in high-risk areas. When the police focus only on high-risk areas, the criminals just move elsewhere. We have had too much blame-game behaviour when it comes to crime. What we need is less talk and more action.

It is clear we need serious help in getting a grip on crime, for our strategies are falling very short. So, with there being no safe zones, let us join forces to make TT a better place for all.


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"Time to get grip on crime"

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