Webster-Roy saddened by child-abuse video

Minister with responsibility for gender and child affairs Ayanna Webster-Roy. - File photo
Minister with responsibility for gender and child affairs Ayanna Webster-Roy. - File photo

A viral video showing a now-detained woman kicking an infant boy to the ground and using obscene language continues to outrage the public.

Ayanna Webster-Roy, minister with responsibility for gender and child affairs, was among the latest to express her displeasure, saying there is absolutely no excuse for any form of abuse of a child.

On March 27, the police confirmed that the child, from Cunupia, had been medically examined and was resting comfortably. The relative was still in custody. No further information was given.

A statement on March 27 from Webster-Roy said she was extremely saddened by the video that is circulating of a child being brutally abused by an adult.

She urged parents, guardians and caretakers to seek the necessary support services to help families cope with and overcome the challenges they experience on a day-to-day basis.

The minister said, "I am appealing to families, please do not wait. Any delays in seeking support are likely to lead to undesirable outcomes. Knowing that you or a family member need help and reaching out for that help is a critical step in preventing unwanted consequences."

She expressed gratitude to and commended the people who highlighted this incident and brought it to the attention of the relevant authorities.

"This ensured swift and decisive action by the relevant agencies that resulted in the child being taken into care and provided with urgent medical and other care services," Webster-Roy added.

She said all state resources will be made available to the affected child to ensure full recovery.

Webster-Roy added the matter was under investigation and the woman was "receiving the attention of the appropriate authorities."

She said the ministry looks forward to the continued co-operation of the public in reducing child endangerment and providing childcare and protection.

The minister urged the public to report and seek support from the relevant authorities.

Seek support from:

National Family Services Division, 623-2608 (ext 6701-6711)

Police 999

Children's Authority hotline 996 or 800-2014

Childline at 131 or 800-4321

National Domestic Violence hotline, 800-SAVE (7283).


"Webster-Roy saddened by child-abuse video"

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