Maiden Tobago CNG station fuels excitement

The CNG fuel station at Cove Estate, Lowlands, Tobago. -
The CNG fuel station at Cove Estate, Lowlands, Tobago. -

THE commissioning of Tobago’s first public CNG station is fuelling excitement on the island.

The station, at Cove Estate in Lowlands, was commissioned on March 26 during a ceremony at the Magdalena Beach and Golf Resort in Lowlands.

The CNG station will also include a cashless payment system, NGC Green Pay.

NGC Green Company Ltd’s sales and marketing manager Anna-Lisa Goindoo said the availability of CNG fuel in Tobago was necessary and “a momentous occasion in Tobago’s journey towards sustainable energy and modern convenience.”

She added, “The investment for the station would have been about $4 million and it was again based on the demands that we anticipate for the product. It is something that we need to offer Tobago when we look at sustainability, and we looked at more than that – just consumers purchasing at $1 per litre, it was something that we needed to bring here.”

CNG is the cheapest fuel on the market, with premium gas at $7.75 per litre, super gas at $6.97 per litre, and diesel at $4.41 per litre. CNG, Goindoo said, is a high-pressure fuel.

She said when the station is officially opened, an attendant will be present from 6 am-6 pm.

“We are actually still under commissioning, so we will have the public come and fill during our commissioning period, and once we have our licence, it would then be dispensed to the public as a sale. That should be within the coming weeks. We await our regulatory approvals, and we expect them soon.”

She said there is a roll-out plan as the company intended to spend the next quarter doing a public-awareness campaign and education series, followed by sponsored conversions, which would be free to the public and high-volume users, particularly taxi drivers.

“The introduction of CNG in Tobago offers great benefits to the island and its residents. CNG serves as a cleaner transportation alternative fuel against traditional liquid fuel, emitting lower levels of harmful pollutants, and contributes to improved air quality and environmental conservation.”

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine said Trinidad and Tobago is committed to reducing accumulative greenhouse gas emissions in the main emitting sectors by 15 per cent by December 2032.

He said for that to be achieved, CNG is well positioned to take a leading role as the energy landscape transitions to a low-carbon energy future.

“It is no secret that CNG is way more environmentally friendly, CNG produces far fewer dangerous emissions, and so Tobago at this pivotal time welcomes this public CNG station.”

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young dubbed the station a state-of-the-art facility.

He said this was something that was promised when he entered office – that Tobago would never be left behind by the central government.

“Not only are you not left behind, I am quite jealous you’ve got the best CNG facility in TT, and that is what Tobago deserves. My jealousy was heightened when I learned from Miss Goindoo that not only are you getting the best CNG facility, but you are getting a state-of-the-art facility that is cashless, which augurs well not only for Tobago but TT.”


"Maiden Tobago CNG station fuels excitement"

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