[UPDATED] 7 killed over bloody weekend

Kizzy David, mother of 96.7fm DJ Elijah ‘Sugars’ Babb, speaks highly of her son at their Laventille home on March 3. Babb was gunned down in Laventille earlier that day.  - Photo by Angelo Marcelle
Kizzy David, mother of 96.7fm DJ Elijah ‘Sugars’ Babb, speaks highly of her son at their Laventille home on March 3. Babb was gunned down in Laventille earlier that day. - Photo by Angelo Marcelle

KIZZY DAVID, the mother of slain 96.7 mike man Elijah Babb is asking what was the reason for his death after he was fatally shot at Eastern Quarry, Laventille.

“He was a good, good child,” David said at her home on Pregnancy Lane, La Puerta, Diego Martin.

“He never liked trouble. He never played with guns. He never had bad friends to tote him anywhere. He was always respectable. He never interfered with anybody. He never interfered with anyone’s wife or girlfriend. He was not supposed to die like this.”

Police reports said Babb, a 27-year-old father was the passenger in a car driving along Eastern Quarry, Laventille, on Sunday at about 8.15 am when, as the car slowed to go over a speed bump, an unknown man ran up to the car and shot him several times.

The driver took him to Port of Spain General Hospital where he died.

David told Newsday she last saw him on Friday just before he left to perform at an event.

“He greeted me and hugged me and said he had to perform at a party. I asked him where and he said he was still waiting to find out where it was. I told him to be careful.”

“My daughter called this morning and said they were supposed to meet on Arapita Avenue on Saturday night but he never showed. She called him and he told her he was playing at a party in Laventille. After that we heard he had been shot.”

Elijah 'Sugars' Babb -

David, a mother of seven said Babb was her eldest child. He was inspired to be a DJ and mike man from a young age because he always had a passion for music.

“He went to Nelson Street Boys School, and every day he would always have his phone and playing music or talking about an artist. He used to tell me, ‘Everyone has a gig and I have none, so I will try to upgrade myself and play some music. I will go to the radio station and bring out a little music and have myself occupied.’

"I told him to go ahead.”

She said soon, he began playing music for radio and performing at parties. He released a song in 2023 titled Vaccinated or Not.

“He was good in the area with everyone. He supported everyone. If anyone needed to have a party he would always play music. He would always show up on time and be professional. He was very good to me. He takes care of me when I am sick. He goes to work, he comes back home and he doesn’t interfere with anyone. I just can’t see where this went wrong.”

David told Newsday, Babb was accustomed to going into Laventille to play music.

An autopsy is expected to be done at the Forensic Science Center in St James while investigations continue.

Babb was one of six people killed in Trinidad and Tobago over the weekend.

In Trinidad, the bloodletting started on Friday night, when Dwayne Pierre had to use his body to shield his infant daughter from a hail of of bullets.

Dwayne Pierre -

Pierre, 26, was at his Lachoos Road, Penal home when gunmen approached his house and sprayed it with bullets from what was believed to be an automatic rifle. After the shooting, a relative forced his way into the apartment where he found Pierre hunched over his daughter with gunshot wounds to his back. He died at the scene.

On Saturday at about 9.50 pm, Port of Spain police responded to gunshots being heard on Charlotte Street. When they got to the scene, they found Mosi Ross of Duncan Street dead near East Side Plaza.

Further inquires revealed that a TT Defence Force officer identified as Akido Simpson of First Street, Beetham Gardens was also shot in the leg and taken to hospital where he was treated.

At about 10.32 pm, Rajesh Ramlakhan died at hospital after being shot at his home on Achong Trace, Tunapuna.

Police said they responded to reports of a shooting and when they arrived at the scene, they were taken to a house in the family yard, where Ramlackhan was found alive but nursing a gunshot wound to the head. He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he died at about 11 pm.

Residents told police Ramlakhan was in the company of a relative and another man when a single gunshot rang out. When residents checked, they found him sitting in the room, wounded.

Terrence “Timeless” Clarke was shot dead at about 12.10 am on Sunday. Police reports said residents at Upper Simeon Road, Petit Valley, heard gunshots and when they checked, they found Clarke lying in the road suffering from gunshot wounds.

Residents took him to the St James Medical Facility where he died as a result of his wounds.

In Tobago, early on Saturday morning Jafari Fazer, a 23-year-old man of Glamorgan, Tobago, was the islands fifth murder victim.

Police said at about 4 am they got a report of a car crashing into a shop near the Pembroke Bay Road Bridge.

When they responded, they found Fraser slumped behind the wheel. He had been shot multiple times. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police are also now trying to determine the circumstances surrounding the death of Rabindranath Bridgemohan, a 31-year-old man from Carnbee, Tobago, who was found dead, after being reported missing on Friday.

Police found his body at about 9 am on Sunday at Canoe Bay, Friednship Estate, Tobago. He was shot dead. Police found a firearm next to his body. Investigators are still trying to determine the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to a Newsday count, the murder toll for the year now stands at 95.

This story was originally published with the title "Diego Martin man shot dead in Laventille" and has been adjusted to include additional details. See original post below.

A 27-year-old man is dead after being shot by an unknown assailant on the morning of March 3. He has been identified as Red 96.7 mike man Elijah “Sugars” Babb of Pregnancy Lane, Diego Martin.

Police reports said at about 8.15 am on March 3, he was the passenger in a car driving along Eastern Quarry Road, Laventille, when an unknown man ran up to the vehicle and shot him several times before running away.

He was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he died from his wounds.

More on this as it becomes available.


"[UPDATED] 7 killed over bloody weekend"

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