Water woes and politics

Moruga/Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin. - Photo courtesy Parliament of TT
Moruga/Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin. - Photo courtesy Parliament of TT

THE EDITOR: The MP for Moruga/Tableland, Michelle Benjamin, brought to light the putrid politics of the PNM and its ill intent of politicising water.

We are all cognisant of the importance of water as it is the main source of life and it is unfair, disappointing and immoral that the Government and a state enterprise can use the most relevant commodity to solicit votes from the people of this community.

The MP claims that WASA conducted site visits in the Samuel Cooper area with the PNM candidate for the contested Lengua/Indian Walk district, as the fight for local government councillorship continues.

In response to Clifton Sampson, from PoS, who wrote an article condemning the shortcomings of WASA, the minister and the alleged politicising of water, it is clear he is not familiar with the heart pain and torture rural communities face.

I am appalled that in 2024 our politics has been “watered down” to this level by the PNM. "Good governance requires fair and legal frameworks that are enforced impartially. It also requires full protection of human rights, particularly those of minorities or improvised circumstances."

It has been far too long that the people of this country accepted nothingness as governance. Therefore, we must not only call out this wrongdoing but remember the hardships we have faced over the past eight years and, when the good Lord permits, embrace that red ink and say "no more."

The PNM has sat in government for almost a decade and has adopted a nonchalant posture as the country and its people fall to pieces.

Paying your WASA bill is like blowing your money into the wind. There are communities that continuously suffer at the hands of WASA as water never seems to reach their taps, but the bills find their way into their mailboxes.

I can remember vividly the Minister of Public Utilities stating his unawareness and inexperience when handed the position of managing the ministry. Many years later, he has evolved no further than when he started his stint. But what can I say, the key word is “handed,” when in fact an appointment should be based on capabilities, merits and qualifications.

Since the inception of the PNM, it has campaigned on a water-for-all policy, which has never materialised, just as every other policy. Water management technology has developed and grown immensely over the years throughout the world. Yet our position remains the same under the PNM.

However, each time the United National Congress held the helm of this country, we have seen development that would surpass all the terms of the PNM.

I call on all citizens to band together and hold each other's hand, ride the wave as we await the rising of the sun come the next election. As a country we should unite in purpose for today the PNM gets away with "murder," but tomorrow it pays the piper.

I stand in agreement and in support of the MP, truly the superwoman of Moruga/Tableland. Continue the fight for your people, Benjamin.




"Water woes and politics"

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