Rikki Jai, KMC’s Socavivor premieres on BET

Cover of Rikki Jai and KMC's Socavivor -
Cover of Rikki Jai and KMC's Socavivor -

Rikki Jai and KMC’s Socavivor premiered on BET on February 22.

The single was launched in 2023 and was written before the covid19 pandemic, a previous Newsday article on the song said.

The single aired on BET at 2.04 pm, 10.04 pm and will air at 6 am on February 23 and will go into rotation after.

A press release said the airing marked a significant moment for the nine-time Chutney Monarch winner and he became the first chutney artiste to have his work featured on the network.

Bjorn "The KVG" Graham and Mevon "XplicitMevon" Soodeen produced the power soca track, the Newsday article said.

“Socavivor encapsulates the vibrant energy and infectious rhythms of soca music, blending traditional elements with modern flair. The collaboration between Rikki Jai and KMC, both titans in the soca genre, promises an electrifying visual and auditory experience for fans worldwide.

“With its dynamic choreography, colourful visuals, and pulsating beats, Socavivor showcases the rich cultural tapestry of the Caribbean while transcending geographical boundaries to captivate audiences globally,” it added.

The release said the song and video’s release on the international channel will aid in amplifying soca in the mainstream but also highlights its growing influence on the global stage.


"Rikki Jai, KMC’s Socavivor premieres on BET"

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