Home invaders tie up, rob Claxton Bay couple

Police on a crime scene. - File photo
Police on a crime scene. - File photo

Horror struck for a Claxton Bay couple when they were tied up, assaulted and robbed by armed home intruders early on Wednesday morning.

Police said the middle-aged couple secured their Cedar Hill Road home around 8 pm on Tuesday and went to bed when they were awakened around 3.30 am by three masked men with guns standing in their bedroom.

One of the assailants bound the couple's hands and feet and announced a robbery.

The intruders then proceeded to take as many items as they could, relieving the couple of $12,000 in cash, a 55-inch television, four 20-pound gas tank cylinders, power and hand tools, a half-bottle of puncheon, a bottle of wine, a hair dryer, perfume set, a bank card, an identification card, a drivers permit, and a cell phone.

One of the robbers then kicked the male homeowner several times.

To add insult to injury, the robbers then made off with all the stolen items in a BMW X5 vehicle belonging to a transportation company that was in the couple's possession.

Police said the men were able to break into the house by prying open a burglar-proofed window.

Investigations are ongoing.


"Home invaders tie up, rob Claxton Bay couple"

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