The effects of good captaincy in cricket

In this January 28 file photo, West Indies players celebrate after defeating Australia on the 4th day of their Test match in Brisbane. (via AP) - AP
In this January 28 file photo, West Indies players celebrate after defeating Australia on the 4th day of their Test match in Brisbane. (via AP) - AP

IN the game of cricket, captaincy is of fundamental importance. In any reasonable competition of the sport, the captain dictates not only the mood of the game but also its flow. He has to have a basic sense of how to motivate his players, knowing very well that each one possesses a distinct, individual personality and has various triggers to fire his enthusiasm. Give the same eleven to several respective captains and the result, plus performances, would not be similar. That will be because of the contrasting attitudes of that singular captain and the cricketers involved.

The full benefit of a captain must be found in the enthusiasm of the players under his authority who all want to do well because they are confident and aware that they could perform at a higher level by lifting their game. The captain made them believe that they were better than the opponent in every aspect of the game. The self-belief that they project will give the team a sense of being effective and capable. When a captain can convey that feeling to all members of his team it means they would be thinking like winners while enjoying the game.

A resourceful skipper, confident in his knowledge of the players, plus his expertise in cricket acumen, is the most important asset in any cricket side. It is significant in the decisions he has to make; firstly, he’ll have some input in the selection process, then, he has to have the desirable batting order with the initiative to know if changes have to be made during an innings itself or, from one innings to another, depending on the way the game is swaying.


Also, in reading the pitch so as to know when to use his bowling changes, in addition to having a keen eye for batsmen’s weaknesses. The setting of the field is his responsibility, although he and the bowler can agree on what method of attack to use. He’ll encourage his wicketkeeper and whichever senior player as his confidants for advice and information. In that way, he’ll also attract the respect of his players.

A lot of the foregoing has to do with first-class cricket, however, especially in the varying human element aspect in all formats, his leadership of his players would be crucial. Players must be enthusiastic while playing the game, for, in that mood, they produce the best of their ability. One can hear it said that “so-and-so brings out the best in me and I always feel great and try my hardest when he is the captain.” Supposedly, that’s why in many circumstances the best player does not necessarily make the best captain.

Thus, I can empathise with Roston Chase and his feelings towards captain Rovman Powell. During the last T20 series in Australia, Chase said, “Obviously West Indies is a big cricketing nation with a lot of history, so to miss the last World Cup was heartbreaking for the team and also for the region.”

He continued, “I think since he took up the role it has been a different vibe. He has been leading us very well and I want to say a ‘big up’ to Rovman Powell.

“I think he’s doing a really great job in leading the guys and giving the guys encouragement and keeping us gelled together, so I think he plays a big part.”

Powell got the job when Nicholas Pooran failed badly with the team to qualify for the WC in 2022 and resigned from the captaincy. Powell then led the team to three straight series wins in 2023, defeating South Africa away and India and England at home.

Chase continued, “The thing about this team is everyone enjoys each other’s success and the guys really gel together well.

“Although we have some big superstars in the team, everyone still lives as a family and as I said, enjoys each other’s success and wants everyone to do well, so I think that is something great that we have going in the team.”

Hence, I can quite understand the concept of the importance of sound leadership in cricket and the improvement it brings to a team.

Therefore, I can follow the thoughts of Chase when he talks about Powell being instrumental in improving the fortunes of the T20 unit as the build-up continues to this year’s World Cup in the Caribbean and North America.


"The effects of good captaincy in cricket"

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