Widow of soldier gunned down in La Puerta: 'He was a family man'

Nicholai Greene, a soldier who was shot dead in La Puerta on February 18. -
Nicholai Greene, a soldier who was shot dead in La Puerta on February 18. -

Zaynah Greene, the widow of soldier Nicholai Greene who was shot dead in La Puerta on Sunday night, is remembering him as a family man.

Greene, 27, was liming with a group of men on the road near his home when a silver-coloured car pulled up and two men came out and began shooting at the group.

Four people, including Greene, were shot but the others, aged 18, 20 and 27, all survived.

Greene was pronounced dead at the scene. The three survivors were taken to hospital, where their condition has been listed as stable.

They were all shot in the legs. One of the men had additional injuries to his groin and pelvis.

Speaking to the media at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, Greene said her husband, although he was quiet and kept to himself, was fun-loving and “a clown.”

“He like to make people laugh and like to laugh at the same time. He was relatively serious, so for people who did not know that side of him, they would think he was a big, serious person, but he wasn't.”

She said he was always good with children, including his own, aged one and seven.

“All the children around him loved to be around him. He was always doing something with them and playing with them.”

Greene said they had been together for ten years and he had decided to join the army when he realised she was pregnant.

“When I met him he was now coming out of school. He actually made the decision to join the army when we found ourselves pregnant with our first child. He decided he needed to do something and step up to take care of us. It wasn't something that he necessarily wanted to do, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make to take care of us.”

She said she will miss his ability to make her smile regardless of her mood.

“Even when I would be in a bad mood, he was the only person who can make me laugh or make me smile even if I don't want to. He didn't even have to do anything special, just be there.”

While they lived in a depressed community, Greene said she never thought he would be innocently gunned down.

“Where we’re living, you will always have the concern, but you would never expect it until it happens. At the end of the day, we living in a ghetto and he has friends, everybody have friends that might be…but I still didn't expect it.

“I feel like everybody in Trinidad have this thought that you never know what could happen because innocent people dying every day. But you don’t expect it to happen to you, not now.

"He was 27 years old. He's a child still. If you think about it, he ent really lived and now he's gone.”

Speaking while a soldier stood near her, Greene thanked the TT Defence Force and said it was good to have people outside of the family offering support and guidance during a difficult time.

“They're doing their part and they're doing it well and they're very understanding with everything that we ask for.”


"Widow of soldier gunned down in La Puerta: ‘He was a family man’"

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