$500k in cocaine washes ashore in Tobago

Supt Rodhill Kirk -
Supt Rodhill Kirk -

Tobago police are investigating the discovery of 1.109 kilos of cocaine which washed ashore near Cove Estate on Sunday.

The illegal drug has an estimated street value of $515,285.76.

A police statement on Monday said at around 2.40 pm on Sunday, a black plastic bag containing the cocaine was found along the shoreline.

On February 7, an overturned barge, the Gulfstream, was found lodged on a reef and leaking oil 200 metres off the Cove Industrial Park.

Speaking on the Tobago Updates morning show on Monday, Supt Rodhil Kirk said, “This is an investigation that is ongoing. We don’t have any evidence to support whether in fact that the find is related to the oil spill. People have their tendency of sort of having their minds directed a particular way – but so far, we have no evidence that there is any connection even though the item was found in the vicinity.”

Newsday visited Cove on Monday and the only activity observed was clean-up operations related to the spill. Workmen were observed busy skimming the oil around the boat. A number of no entry signs were observed at several points leading to the area.

Minority Leader Kelvon Morris did not want to comment about the cocaine find.

“The information as I understand it is that investigations are still ongoing and as such, I prefer to await the outcome of those investigations before making a comprehensive statement.”

He added: “I look forward to a full, thorough and transparent investigation in all matters related to the wrecked vessel that is the subject of public concern in Tobago at this time.

“When it's all said and done, whoever is responsible for this vessel and this disaster must be held accountable and liable for the damage it has caused to Tobago's marine life and the livelihood of Tobagonians.”

THA Deputy Chief Secretary Dr Faith BYisrael said she was informed of the cocaine discovery, but prefers not to comment. "Let's allow the security authorities to conduct their investigations," she said.


"$500k in cocaine washes ashore in Tobago"

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