Partially burnt body found in Gasparillo


Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III) and Southern Division police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the partially burnt body of a man found at the back of his home in Williamsville on Monday.

The police identified the deceased as Peter Jagdeo, 61, of Ben Lomond Village, near the recreational grounds.

He was last seen alive around midday on Saturday.

The partially burnt and decomposing body was found lying on its back.

The police said at around 8.30 am on Monday, a relative went to visit Jagdeo and noticed a foul stench coming from the back of the wooden shack.

He checked and found the deceased in an area that was used for burning garbage.

The police were told that the deceased was a chronic alcoholic who recently suffered a mental breakdown.

Sgt Forbes, Cpl Lutchman and other investigators from the homicide bureau, crime scene investigators WPC Frederick and Pc Boodram and Sgt Abbott, PCs Battan and Burnette and other police from the Southern Division visited the scene and gathered evidence.

The deceased was wearing a black jersey and gray short pants.

The DMO, Dr Ramrattan, visited the scene and was unable to identify if the body bore any marks of violence owing to its state.

An autopsy is expected to be done at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

Investigations are ongoing.


"Partially burnt body found in Gasparillo"

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