CEO ready for leading TV station?

Adrian Winter - Lincoln Holder
Adrian Winter - Lincoln Holder

THE EDITOR: In 2015, Adrian Winter showed up in our country as adviser to the Minister of Tourism. The public then saw him move to co-ordinator of the Traffic Enforcement Centre of the Ministry of Works and Transport and then a sudden ascension to the post of CEO of the National Self-Help Commission. Today he holds the esteemed position of CEO at Trinidad and Tobago Television Ltd (TTT).

Winter’s transition to the leadership of TTT raises questions about the alignment of his background with the demands of leading a television station. The move follows the tenure of David Roberts, who served as CEO for approximately two and a half years before transitioning to another public service role within the Office of the Prime Minister. Notably, previous CEOs of TTT, such as Ken Ali, Wendell Constantine and Lisa Wickham, boasted backgrounds rich in both media experience and leadership.

TTT encompasses a broadcast media facility that includes its flagship free-to-air television station and three FM radio stations. Given the historical trend of TTT CEOs with a background in media and leadership, Winter’s appointment prompts scrutiny regarding the strategic rationale behind appointing a former political adviser to such a pivotal role.

The looming question revolves around Winter’s readiness for the responsibilities and challenges associated with leading a television station. Will he bring a nuanced understanding of the media landscape, or will he be perceived as a mere “yes man” in the lead-up to the 2025 general election?

As the CEO, Winter’s role extends beyond traditional media management to influencing the station’s strategic direction, programming decisions and overall impact on the public. Observers are keen to understand how his background and experience will shape TTT’s trajectory and contributions to the media landscape in TT.

Good luck, Winter. If you wish to prevent this appointment from becoming the winter of your professional career, perhaps you could articulate a vision for TTT and go after the low hanging fruit. For example, upgrading the correct use of grammar and pronunciation. Just a few days ago Neil Guiseppi (former head of news at TTT) posted on Facebook: “A note to the announcers at the pan semifinals. The word is ORchestra not orCHESTra.”


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"CEO ready for leading TV station?"

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