John John resident thankful despite apartment blaze

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Despite her apartment going up in flames, a John John resident is thanking fire officers for their quick response and polite demeanour during what she described as a “difficult situation.”

Two fire tenders from the Wrightson Road Fire Headquarters responded to a fire at a third floor apartment in Eastern Heights Towers at around midday on Friday.

Residents complained they were put on hold when they called the fire services hotline but commended the officers for the speed with which they arrived once they were informed.

The apartment owner, who wished to remain unnamed, said no one was at home when the fire began as the homeowner was at the pharmacy while her son was on his way to work. The owner and her son returned home as soon as they were both informed by neighbours that their apartment was on fire.

The son said he grabbed the fire hose installed in the stairwell to try to extinguish the fire but the hose was not working. He said he then tried to enter the apartment to determine the extent of the blaze but changed his mind as the smoke was too thick.

The officers arrived shortly after and were forced to battle the blaze while perched on a fire escape outside the apartment. Firemen said the majority of damage was confined to what appeared to be a laundry room at the back of the apartment.

The owner said that room contained a washer, dryer and a freezer which were all destroyed.

She said she has no idea what could have caused the fire but added the dryer was used on Friday morning. She was unable to give an estimate for the damage but said her possessions were insured. She said fire officers assessed the damage and gave her the all-clear to stay in the apartment.

The woman added although she had family she could stay with, she preferred to "sleep in my own place" despite the damage. She praised fire officials for their concern and conduct throughout the incident.

“Their response was really quick and (the damage) could have been worse. People have things to say, but they did a very good job and they were very nice to us and everything. Very pleasant. They were humble and they treated me good. They were very concerned about us and stuff like that. So I appreciate it.”


"John John resident thankful despite apartment blaze"

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